The American Healthcare System, My Thoughts On A Disgrace

It pains me to speak to friends and watch a nation called the “Beacon for freedom” and the “World’s Super Power” and discover 150+ people die each day because they don’t have insurance. The USA was once looked upon as the place to go; the American Dream was once the big thing, now you truly have to be asleep to see it

I speak to many, I research well, and this is the damning truth of a country now more interested in War and sending $Billions$ of dollars to mainly Muslim countries than helping its own people, anyone who can’t see it that way isn’t paying attention to what is happening over there. I am from a tiny island 5,000 miles and I can see it, so can many, but just how bad is it? Just how bad has it become? Just how wrong has the USA become at Governmental level? These are questions we could ask all day, but finding answers is the difficult bit, the gray area so to speak

A country I love, a people I love, in bits, falling to its knee’s faster than the Roman empire did, it is sad that people die because they have less money than the person standing next to them. Obama Care, give me a laugh, it changed nothing, and it is an illusion of care, where none exists

I was speaking to Doc over at and she is an ex medical person, she sent me a link to a Senator from the USA, I posted it already, in-case you missed it, check what he has to say, he is from Florida, his name is Alan Grayson, like Ron Paul a politician who seems to want to help the people and not go to war

He brings many good points to the table, and the headline in the media says it all “What your Government doesn’t want you to see” This says it all for me, The USA has turned into a species of people (Due to Government) where Money will keep you alive, this is wrong, so very,very wrong

This is an outrage, and the longer you guys stand back and allow this to happen, the more the War Machine and the greed will be more important THAN YOU. This is sad. If you have any questions relating to in which and how to use Chad, you can contact us at the web-site. Over here in the UK, we pay less tax, we see the Dr the same day we need to, if we need to, we get our medication, we can take a trip to the hospital at ANY time, and this is all free

Don’t allow a national tragedy to keep happening, act now

This was a study done by Harvard it is a Hard read, but it must be read.

Are you for War or are you for the living? For me the choice is an easy one. Why allow your Government to spend BILLIONS on foreign aid and Wars and risk YOU dying

Take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask the Hard questions, life over liberty?

Don’t make me laugh, people say “People still flock to the USA” This may be true, but why? There is nothing to gain.

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