Should There Be Separate Drug Rehab Centres For Women.

Electric Car Refuel Current Ecology E CarDrug rehab centers for women provide gender-specific therapy for women fighting alcohol and drug addiction, pain, and relationship issues. The number of women coming in, staying and finishing the therapy is far lesser than men. Thus, the key objective of women’s rehab treatment centers is to offer a secure and relaxing space where women can concentrate on the therapeutic process and recover soon.

Addiction treatment centers for women take care of special, dependence-related needs of women, making them feel comfortable as they overcome the trauma of addiction. At times, women who are alcoholics or drug addicts have suffered sexual abuse. Research shows that nearly 70% of the women abusing alcohol or drugs have been physically or sexually abused in the past.

How is drug treatment for women different?

There can be several issues that connect women, dependence and healing that need special thought, for instance, eating disorders, body image, motherhood, life achievement and potential. It has been observed that females become addicts more quickly than males and fall sick faster than males. Also, they are less likely to get family’s support at home during the healing process and there can be huge childcare issues. Women with no appropriate backing in the healing program are at risk of abandoning the treatment too soon. The addiction treatment for women emphasizes on fostering a woman’s confidence and providing her support and assurance she wants to pull off a long-term recovery. Drug rehab centers for women let gender-related concerns to be managed in personal or cluster treatment with other women, thus maintaining safety and emotional security for the recuperating women. Drug Rehab Centers teach women to develop compassionate and caring associations with other women. This will increase their ability to pay attention and understand, and share their thoughts. The centres provide a haven to detoxify while empowering your body, mind, and soul in the company of workers who are aware of the special wants of women.

Here are some issues that the treatment program addresses:

1. Alcoholism:

Chronic alcohol intake can cause cirrhosis. Women are basically vulnerable to this liver disease and with prolonged alcohol and drug abuse; liver damage may become irreversible. The treatment program takes care of the physiological and psychological aspects of alcoholism to heal women completely. Eliminating alcohol or drugs abuse is the primary step towards healing and regaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Drug addiction:

The drug rehab program for women focuses on building skills that develop independence and confidence while teaching them to remain healthy. It includes family therapy, eating and body image therapy, group therapy, domestic violence therapy, trauma therapy, healthy relationships and aftercare program etc.

3. Dual diagnosis:

This condition describes the existence of a substance addiction along with a psychiatric disorder. Women who suffer from depression and anxiety and also struggle with drug/alcohol abuse are believed to be dually diagnosed. The dual-diagnosis treatment includes substance abuse prevention and also treats your mental health problems.

The drug rehab for women provides a caring and empathetic staff to help you detox. Contact a center today to get support from helpful counselors who will help you begin the new sober phase of your life.

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