Rate Me Up… Before You Go-Go!

섹시한 메르세데스 - 벤츠 신형 E클래스 쿠페 - 포스트I can’t help but wonder, are we in life, who we are in bed?
How do the two compare?
Who are you in bed?
Are we rated?
If so, how do you think that you rate under the sheets?

There is Always a rating system. I know I have one. Different categories, score 1-5 (bad to good), add, find the average and that’s your score. Done! If they tell you that they haven’t compared you or even rated you, they lie. Everyone does it, no one talks about it.

Here is a step-by-step of the rated categories:

  1. Timing.
  2. Drive intensity.
  3. Kissing style.
  4. Foreplay technique.
  5. Sex.
  6. Feelings.

Here is the breakdown:

1. Timing is everything. As a matter of fact, men, any time is good to make a move and make your girl feel sexy.

2. We need to feel that drive and intensity coming from you. That ‘I can’t take my hands off you’ drive. Without it, our lips aren’t parting! Neither of them.

3. Your kissing style is important. It’s a small previous of step number 4 and you don’t want to mess that one up. Ever! Step 3 isn’t a good step to stay stuck in.

4. Foreplay. If you can’t get down and dirty then you don’t belong to have gone this far in the first place. Take your time, be seductive, do it anywhere!

5. Sex. Obviously its the main event, so please don’t be a lightweight! Bring the passion, feel the intensity, excell in being that one person who truly is devoted to making it an unforgettable event.

6. Feelings, this one is tricky, that I must admit for sure. It’s not whether you love this person. It is about how connected to you feel afterwards. Whether you want to cuddle and stay in bed or whether you want to run away.

No matter what your rating system is, make it count and never cheat yourself into or out of a score. Mind you all, this Isn’t an ok to go out and rate half of your city, keep it classy!

As a side note: learn when to stop rating someone. It’s ok to rate a one night stand or even a 5 month old relationship. Yet never, ever rate the same man you’ve dated for 3 years. Chances are the rating will change, and you know that the second score, by a defaulted statistic…

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