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My Voucher Codes has released new information helping those planning for their summer 2017 holiday to keep the costs down. They want to make sure that people use all the tools at their disposal to make sure they don’t overpay on their travel, accommodation, or even regular spending.

Unfortunately, booking holidays seems to be getting increasingly expensive. In fact, some people feel that they are unable to take a holiday, particularly now that the value of the Pound has slumped so much. To help people make sure they can still have a great summer, My Voucher Codes has revealed new information to help people save money.

Chris Reilly, My Voucher Codes’ Managing Director, says:

“A holiday is a luxury for many families and they may feel like at the moment it’s not a luxury they can afford. However, we want to help families out by sharing our tips to cutting your summer holiday costs. Simply by looking at when to book and what time of day to travel can save you £100s. If you have any concerns relating to where and ways to utilize Manitoba, you can call us at our own web site. If you don’t have children, there are more options available to save more money by travelling just out of season and during term time.”

He also says:

“Even for families, there are a few things you can do to save money, such as booking all-inclusive or looking at travelling as a larger group and staying in a villa to share costs. We understand that travelling is not going to get any cheaper any time soon and we still want families to be able to take some time away and we hope they can manage this with our helpful tips.”

Firstly, My Voucher Codes recommends people look at dates, and specifically:

1.That it is always costlier to travel during public or school holidays, as well as peak seasons.

2.That those without children should consider traveling just before, or just after the peak season, when prices are lower and the attractions are less busy.

3.That travel and airline websites have newsletters to sign up for, where discounts can often be obtained.

4.That My Voucher Codes has regular travel vouchers available.

Secondly, the company recommends people compare DIY holidays and package holidays. Regardless of which option they chose they should:

1.Always use flight comparison websites for the best rates.

2.Opt for non-direct flights when possible, as this is more affordable.

3.Fly mid-week early morning or late afternoon for cheap prices.

4.Book as soon as possible.

5.Take hand luggage only.

6.Use comparison sites for accommodation.

7.Stay slightly out of popular resorts for better prices.

8.Rent self-catering accommodation, particularly in groups.

For those opting for package holidays, things to be aware of include:

1.Having more restricted dates and times.

2.Booking out of season to save money.

3.Comparing online first, before speaking to a travel agent.

4.Booking as early as possible, unless you can book last minute.

5.Using the travel company’s transfer options if they are available.

6.Never going over your weight for luggage allowance – be aware of the weight of souvenirs on the way back.

7.Opting for all-inclusive, particularly if you travel as a family.

8.Choosing resorts with kids’ clubs if you have children.

Another thing My Voucher Codes wants to point to is the cost of parking and travel, reminding people that:

1.There are cheaper options that airport shuttles.

2.Public transport is more affordable, but also more of a hassle. Lyft and Uber are goo alternatives.

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