How To write An amazing Song

Writing a good song isn’t an easy business, if you are unclear about where and how you want to start. These tips will guide you through the process of writing a song and help you find your beat.

Theme of the Song

Before you begin to pen down a song, it is important that you are clear to yourself about what you want the song to 18closeup (simply click the following internet site) portray. The subjects of a song can be of an endless variety. However, it is to be kept in mind that a good song is almost always one that resonates with songwriter.

There are a few steps, which can be used to decide on the theme. The first step is to think about the things, you consider important, including things or people surrounding you, and focus on a single one. The second step is to narrow down to specific instances or events, which effectively capture your emotions around the said thing or person. This brings us to the third step, where the emotions relating to the theme or topic are to be taken into account, and also how those experiences have changed you.

It now becomes important to allow a free flow of thought on the given themes to be jotted down. Here it becomes more important to garner a wider set of ideas, thoughts, and feelings around the theme. One should not think too hard about what is being written in this phase, but rather make it a point to collect the thoughts. These thoughts are then to be sifted through to make connections and linkages, which should start giving a larger picture of the direction the song would take.

Lyrics of the Song

Now that you have a broader picture of the song, it should be time to settle upon the lyrics to it. You already have a set of words or thoughts, which are thematically connected, from your brainstorming session. You could start with short phrases, and attempt to weave more complex themes as you get a clearer image of the song. The verses of the song should be divided into thematically separate sections. It is also important that the imagery of the song be determined.

Finding the Melody

A song, of course, is known mainly for its melody, and it is important that the emotions portrayed through the lyrics be reflected through its melody. The melody should follow the structure set by the verses, in a way that the entire thing comes together. Every song has its own natural rhythm and it is important for the melody to capture the essence of the natural rhythm of the song. The chorus of the song should act as the base, followed by the chords, which would be added to the chorus.

Bringing it Together

The song must be put together to provide a feel of a natural synthesis, where the setting of the song, its lyrics, and its melody come together to form a compact whole. This can be accomplished only through a process of continuous enhancement in the song, where each of the elements are made to accommodate with and be molded by the other. The song can thus shape and reform itself and perform as a single unit.

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