How To use A Pallet Jack

For health and safety reasons if nothing else, but also so you can make the most out of the product.

If you have never used a pallet jack before, then hopefully this guide will be able to help you get started. It isn’t a difficult task, but it’s worth knowing all the information before you get started. If you’re an experienced user of the pallet jack – you might still find this useful.

When they Should be Used

The primary use of a pallet jack, as the name would suggest, is to lift pallets used as part of a racking system. They are predominantly used in a warehouse environment by workers who operate them day after day – but can be used elsewhere too.

Although designed for pallets, these jacks can and are often used for general Fingers lifting purposes. Heavy items that you cannot carry, but are too small to justify the use of a forklift or truck, can also be moved around using the pallet jack. They are quite versatile in that respect.


So, how do you use a pallet jack? Here’s our advice:

1.Use the release lever to lower the pallet jack completely.

2.On the pallet, there will be two slots on the front or the back. You need to roll the jack so it goes through these slots. It might be necessary to use extra force.

3.Start pumping the handle so the jack lifts off the floor. Make sure the release is off.

(IFF) 7 years ago I was raped & diagnosed with PTSD. 6 years ago I started working with wolves as a form of therapy. Today I run a wolf sanctuary and have healed more than I ever imagined possible.4.Use the handle to move the pallet jack to wherever you want – the new location of the pallet.

5.Use the release lever to lower the jack.

6.Remove the pallet jack.

And you’re done. Easy, right?

If you need any extra assistance, consult the product manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Health and Safety

Obviously, when it comes to lifting heavy objects you need to be aware of health and safety responsibilities. Here are a few tips to ensure you use the pallet jack in the safest way possible:

·Make sure the load you’re about to carry is evenly distributed on the jack, before you lift it.

·If it is too heavy to move, ask a second person to help you. This will avoid the risk of injury.

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