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Welcoming 2014, we all must be wondering what this coming year is bringing for all of us. But if we ponder for a while, we will notice and feel that a lot more has been changed till now. With the advent of new and unique technologies coming in market, life is becoming simpler. Day by day, internet is bringing ease in our lives. We had never ever imagined how internet can be so useful for us in the field of business. Internet has made an ease in doing business online. By sitting at one place, one can get easily connected to anyone around the world.

The E-commerce websites have enabled the user to undertake business transactions. One can not only buy clothes, accessories, shoes, personal care, handbags, etc… via these sites but it can also enable a person to seek property for buying, selling and renting.

Scenario of real estate market:

The field of real estate is much diversified around the globe. Today, this sector is growing at a very fast speed. Construction of residential and commercial properties is building rapidly. Property is one of the most fruitful and important investment in a person’s life. It takes years and years to buy and build ones property. It is very essential for a person to go in a right way. The internet has made a significant contribution for the people seeking property for the sake of buying, selling and renting residential and commercial spaces. There are numerous companies who act as an online agent. These companies have developed e-commerce websites wherein properties are listed for buying, selling and renting. These properties are located throughout the world and are listed on these sites.

Buying, Selling and Renting:

The properties listed on these sites cater to the different needs of the person. The properties are displayed after the specifications are mentioned. One can easily find residential properties, apartment, commercial spaces, villas, private, condo, HDB Flats, flats, etc… for buying. One can also sell his or her properties by posting about it on these sites.

The process is very simple. Initially the person needs to mention his or her requirements, basis which the matching property will display. On selection, the agent comes into picture who is the company representative and guides ahead for further process.

How does it work:

The concept of online viewing of properties has indeed simplified the lives of people. The process of booking a property is a three step process. Whether the person wants to buy or sell the property; he/she has to first create a user profile on the website. After creating the profile, the user needs to fill a form for user specifications i.e. rent, buy, sell or invest property. Post filling, the user can find the specified properties. Also, a call from company’s agent can be expected any moment. The agent deals with the queries and requirements of the person. Lastly, the user can also choose the desired agent for proceeding with the process.

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