Aussie Rules Why Australia Is Best Country To watch Sports

Sports fans: if you haven’t been to Australia yet, why not? Watching fantastic sporting events is pretty much an Aussie national pastime – perhaps more so than in any other country. While Australia hasn’t had much success on the pitch or court in recent years, it hasn’t dampened any of the enthusiasm of the spectators. In fact, we reckon that there is nowhere else better than Down Under to sit back, relax, and watch any sport in the best possible conditions. Here are a few reasons why you need to add it to your bucket list.

Kevin Tostado

The weather

Australia and the great outdoors go hand in hand. Even during winter, temperatures can stay as high as 17 degrees. It means it’s always possible to watch some first-class sporting action in relative comfort, whatever the time of year.

The choice of sport

You name it; they play it in Australia. And they even play sports you won’t have heard of – such as Australian Rules Football. It’s an interesting mix of soccer and rugby, with a little violence thrown in for good measure. And, most importantly, it’s fantastic as a spectator sport. But the truth is, whatever you want to see it’s here. Whether it’s the Australian Grand Prix or the Australian Open, there is a much better atmosphere here than anywhere else on the planet.

The fans

As we mentioned above, the atmosphere at sporting events in Australia can be pretty wild. It’s all about having fun – and as much as possible. Whether it’s a sing-song or a few drinks with friends, there is always an exciting vibe at sports events. For the best atmosphere, however, check out the more working class sports of Aussie Rules, Rugby League, and cricket. BioInitiative There is a lot of good-natured banter flying around, and although rivalries can be intense, you always feel safe.

The love of the game

Winning isn’t enough for the average Aussie sports fan. Sporting fans in Oz demand the game be played in a certain manner, and they want to destroy the opposition, but in the best possible way. With sportsmanship and modesty. With controlled aggression and style. But most importantly of all, they want to see a contest. It means that whenever you go and see a game in Australia, you are pretty much guaranteed to see two teams or individuals going at it the right way.

The food

Australian sports events are renowned for their pies. Aussies seem to take the ever so seriously. They are lava-hot, simple, yet incredibly tasty – and washed down with a few beers is the perfect half-time snack. While we wouldn’t recommend going overboard on the pies, they are part of the spectator culture. Your Australian sporting trip will not be complete without checking them out.

So, there you have it. As you probably know already, Australia is a spectacular country. But if you are a sports fan who loves watching people give their all every time they take to the pitch, it’s a must-see destination. Let us know your thoughts about Australia being the best place in the world for watching sport – or if you disagree.

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