5 Best Hackers Of All Time

A hacker is someone who has deep knowledge about the programming and functionality of the computer system. He uses his knowledge to seek and exploit the computer system. A Hacker can also be called as a clever programmer who breaks into someone’s computer to gain control over his system and monitor his activity.

So, that’s all about a hacker. Ever imagined who was the greatest hacker ? Want to know the best hacks ever done in the history of the internet? … (visit the up coming website) Here are the names of 5 best hackers of all times.


Greek officials alleged him for stealing data from France leading Air defense company ‘Dassault’. ASTRA sold the corporate data including information about the weapons to 250 people in Brazil, Italy, South Africa, and Germany. The hacker was never publicly identified, but said to be a 58years old mathematician when he was arrested and taken into custody.

He was accused of causing damage of $361m to the company.

The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag.Albert Gonzalez

Gonzalez was accused of stealing account details of about 170million credit cards. He was arrested from one of the ATM gallery in New York when he was withdrawing cash from multiple credit cards. He was accused of stealing money and selling the debit card information on www.Shadowcrew.com which he owned. He was also charged for having 15 fake bank accounts. HE was sentenced for parallel imprisonment for 20 years. It was till date, the biggest imprisonment ever given for any cyber crime in US.

Gary McKinnon
He was accused of committing the biggest military computer hack of all time. He broke into the database system of NASA for monitoring the theories about the UFO’s that NASA and the US government is hiding for years.

HE was blamed for hacking 97 US Military and NASA computer for 13 months. After hacking into the system he deleted some of the operational files from the system which lead to shutdown of US military system for 24hours. He also posted a notice on US military’s website “Your security is a crap”.

Kevin Mitnick
He was known to be the most wanted computer criminal in the US history. He hacked into a Digital Equipment corporation’s network. After this act,he was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment and 3 years of supervised release. After around 2 years after releasing from the prision he went on a hacking spree and breached the National Defense warning system. Currently, he runs his own security firm named ‘Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC’ that aims at providing security solution to leading corporate companies.

5. Anonymous:
‘Not all hackers are bad’. Anonymous is a group of hacktivist formed in 2003. They work in public interest and against the corrupted organizations and government agencies. After the attack in Paris in 2015, anonymous released a video declaring war against the ISIS which were responsible for the attack. They took out thousand of twitter accounts belonging to the ISIS group.

No matter how interesting is to read about them, but every bad work leads to a bad result. But on the positive aspect, side hacking has also helped to increase the security of our computer network.

Akash is a technology enthusiast. He loves to read about newly released gadgets. He has a keen knowledge about the ongoing security issues and virus attacks. He has reviewed many Antivirus software in the last couple of years. Currently, he is working in Sniper Corporation which provides Total Security solutions for computer.

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